Becoming the master in your trade by preparing the right customer Avatar

When I was a child, I wanted to learn everything. I tried to learn drawing first. I did it for 5-6 months. Then, went on to music which lasted 3 months. I had put my hands on karate, piano, jazz drums also. Yeah!! Like the famous figure of speech,  Jack of all arts, master of none. I am someone who has dabbled in many skills but did not focus on becoming an expert by focusing on one. The world today needs masters. 

Jack of all trades

This is the same for all aspects of life. If we are trying to learn or trying to sell, we should have a precise idea of what we are studying and to whom we are selling.  In our last session from Digital Deepak, we discussed Customer Avatar and he said: “If you are trying to help everybody, you will never help anybody!”

Whenever you are marketing a product or service you need to find out who is your dream customer or should create a proper customer avatar. 

The real marketer

A real marketer is someone with lots of life experiences. He/she  should travel places and learn new languages. He/she should also get out of their comfort zones and should start working towards goals.

Good marketer

A good marketer should talk to people directly. And this people refers to the people in your customer avatar. There should be one to one conversations. Emails are better for one-to-one communication as it brings a thought exclusively talking to that particular person. It will also help in creating an emotional connection with the prospect. It is ideal to join conversations the prospect is already having in their minds.

Another important thing to bear in mind is to be authentic. Always try to use simple language like we use in basic conversations and use a catchy headline which should sell the next line. 

Customer Avatar

Customer Avatar is basically the ideal profile of your perfect customer. It is a much more detailed version of a marketing persona. It shows how your customer looks like, their ambitions, goals, likes, desires and everything else related to your ideal customer.

Customer Avatar

Why use an avatar?

As mentioned in the beginning of the blog, If everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience. 

So it is important to find the right audience to sell your product. It helps in talking more specifically to your audience and also in serving them better. It can also help you in finding the right marketing technique.

To connect with your customers emotionally, customer avatars are efficient. 

Customer avatar demographics

How to create a customer avatar?

First, create a list of their demographics and psychographics.

Second, assign a name and photo. 

Then, create a detailed story about that person which can be used for future reference.  The story should include problems faced, goals, values, etc. of your avatar

My Customer Avatar

Before introducing my customer avatar, let me talk about my company. My company provides co-working spaces that are close to nature to digital nomads.

Sony works as a freelancer for different clients. She lives a digital nomadic lifestyle. She works five days a week. Every month she travels to a new place and works from them. She explores the place after her work and also on weekends.

She does design for a living. She also has both personal goals and professional goals in her life and wants to achieve them. She uses tools like Zoom, Google Suite, Trello, etc for collaboration. Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc. to find clients. Also, Airbnb, Skyscanner, Duolingo while traveling.

She usually works from cafes and restaurants or from the hostel where she is staying. These places are usually filled with other people who are having their vacation. They are all having a good time and also loud which is distracting her from focussing on her work. She is not able to stick to her timelines. She is forced to work late at night and also during weekends. She is under pressure and is also not able to see the places she visits properly.

She often dreams of a co-working place in the places she travels which is more peaceful and close to nature. The place is occupied by fellow digital nomad community. She thinks she can be more creative here and also can concentrate more. She can also get help from others if required.

Age: 25 -40

Gender: Female

Annual Income: 6-15 lakhs per annum

Education: Graduation or post-graduation

Marital Status: Single

Phone: iPhone or equivalent

Laptop: Windows-based

Social Media: Whats app, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

Vacation: new place every month

Finding your ideal customer avatar is one significant advance in any industry. We can utilize this symbol to focus on the correct clients and receive rewards for your efforts. Giving the right content to your audience can bring in more organic results.

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