Property Management Features for 2018

Ever-changing Technology is not a new thing for property management industry. However, the pace at which technology impacts resident experience is rising every year. Property management trends in 2018 as always will be focused on improving the quality of life within apartment communities. These trends will be improvements in the technology developed over the past year. While many properties already have the initial version of these developments, their growth and implementation will increase greatly in 2018. In the past, many property managers have stayed away from adopting certain tech trends. But, as technology continues to shape our industry, the longer a property waits to adapt, the more expensive it becomes.

It’s important for a property to look at the overall view when choosing where to invest. Adopting each and every new technology will not make a successful property management company. But what determines their success is how a company adapts to changing technology. Tech trends to be most beneficial, the properties should understand their value and add them sagaciously. With so many trends struggling for the attention of property managers, it’s hard to isolate the game changers. keeping this in mind, here are a few of the property management app features that are ready to go mainstream in 2018.

2018, a year of mobile applications

Residents spend a huge amount of time on their smartphones when compared to their computer. So It’s much more effective to reach a resident on a platform they’re using more often. Mobile capability is one of the top features missing in most property management software. Here is a list of desired features in a property management app:


  • Enabling seamless communication between Apartment owners, tenants and Association members
  • Online polling feature to help with decision-making process
  • Complaint lodging and tracking facility
  • Provision to form groups to connect with like-minded residents
  • Photo gallery that allows residents to share snaps taken within complex


  • Manage Users: Adding/removing residents based on need to the main database
  • Helpdesk Tracker – For Central tracking of complaints, suggestions, requests
  • Inventory Tracker – To Setup all details of inventory in your housing society
  • Facility Management – One central module to maintain details of all facilities
  • Broadcasting important notices through app, Manage booking of common facilities like pools, clubhouses etc
    Storing all apartment related documents virtually in one place
  • Ensuring continuity, i.e, on changing management committees, new members would have a seamless transition


  • Automatic invoice generation of maintenance dues & invoices reach instantly to Members via app
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Expense tracker to give insights about finances of the apartment complex
  • Admin reports made available to Management Committees
  • General ledger that displays trial balance, account charts & profit-loss statements

Have additional property management  Features that you think will be game-changers in 2018? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!





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