Dance in Unity

A dream: There should be somewhere upon earth a place that no nation could claim as its sole property, a place where all human beings of goodwill, sincere in their aspiration, could live freely as citizens of the world, obeying one single authority, that of the supreme Truth; a place of peace, concord, harmony, where all the fighting instincts of man would be used exclusively to conquer the causes of his suffering and misery, to surmount his weakness and ignorance, to triumph over his limitations and incapacities; a place where the needs of the spirit and the care for progress would get precedence over the satisfaction of desires and passions, the seeking for pleasures and material enjoyments. – The Mother.
What a wonderful dream The Mother had and what a wonderful place emerged out of this vision in the last 50 years.
The Matrimandir in Auroville
150 people from 50 different nations are celebrating together. Everybody is jumping around the bonfire which is lighting up the clear night. We are shaking our bodies to African drum beats until we are tired, fall on our backs and watch the stars. We are talking, laughing, shining. We are love. To close a wonderful evening like this we take each other by the hands, built a huge circle and chant OM OM OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI together. When all voices vibrate together, all minds are aligned. A strong call for peace! In the name of unity!
Celebrations like this feel so special. But here in Auroville it is a weekly event. Just one wonderful happening out of so many events like theatre, concerts, art exhibitions, yoga classes, meditation classes, teachings in every skills, all sorts of gatherings and many more.
As many people are in Auroville, as many opinions and different experience exist about this city. I think Auroville offers a very wide spectrum of experience to everybody. And it is everybody’s choice what to make out of it. Like with everything. But in this place it becomes more obvious. The exchange of thoughts and ideas of a certain type is incredibly strong. This city and its citizens are very unique and I believe for those who resonate with the vibe of Auroville it provides a wonderful experience and is more than a worth to visit. A new kind of society has been born here.
“We are searching for an enthusiastic volunteer for our yoga space.”
Directly after AUM and I arrived in Auroville this announcement sprang into my eye. I called the number and on the same evening I had a meeting with an amazing person called Max and his lovely wife Sasha. We liked each other right away, so it did not take much time till we agreed on me becoming a volunteer for them. Already the next day I put posters around the city and did my best to support the teacher in the evening workshop. Helping in the yoga studio and receiving all its teachings really shaped my experience of this amazing place called Auroville. I learned about Yoga, Thai Massage, Prana and Marmas. The vision for the teaching I want to give one day made a huge step: Combining exactly these practices. An integration of yoga, meditation and partner based body treatment on gross and subtle levels. Thank you Max and Sasha!
Auroville´s 50th anniversary on 28th February 2018
It was the 50th anniversary of Auroville and our last day in there. The morning started with a meditation ceremony which was attended by around 3.000 people. On this magical day suddenly suddenly NOI showed up. A common friend introduced us, and her beauty overdrew me. Immediately I felt an incredible strong pull towards her. All these exciting feelings grew in my belly: A slight nervousness, the joy of simply being around her, the sweet phantasies of being with her. Which led to the tiny steps of getting closer to her: Leaning over towards her, pretending I could not hear her well. Moving my chair closer to hers. Carefully start touching her arm while talking to her. Aligning my vibration even more with hers. Mixing our energies. Creating a common space with similar breathing and talking patterns. Sharing similarities… I sunk into this wonderful play which happens almost automatically, driven by the sweet emotion of falling for someone.
She stayed in the same place as me. When I saw her by night I went over without knowing what to say. So we had one of these shy, cute, short conversations. I left and felt a bit awkward afterwards because I find myself not confident enough.
“If only I would not feel nervous when I am around you…” When I saw this message from her a bit later on my phone, I knew that the feeling was mutual and my insecurity was gone.
I saw her again the next afternoon.
“Why do you feel nervous around me?” I asked her.
“Isn´t it obvious?”
“No, what do you mean?” Of course it was obvious, but I wanted to hear her say…
“When do you feel nervous around someone?” She reciprocated.
I got bit unsure again: “Mhh, I don´t know. When I don´t know what to say. Like last night when I talked to you.”
“See. I mean. I am nervous around someone I am attracted to.”
“You do not have to be nervous.” I eased the tension again.
“I like you too.” I looked into her eyes and we smiled at each other for a while.
I had to leave the next morning and as we knew we would not have much time together, everything went very fast. We went out for dinner and I took her hand while walking. We got close to each other. Her attraction took all my focus. Her energy absorbed me. Nothing else was important anymore. Only her.
I looked into her eyes for a very long time. She did not dodge for a single moment. She was honestly giving and openly receiving.
“I am happy you are not afraid of eye contact” I told her.
“Well, with the right person…”
During dinner we had good conversation and already could not stop touching each other. As we reached back to the guesthouse we went to her hut. We sat on the wooden floor in front it. The stars shined extra bright and the crickets sang a song for us.
“What are you afraid of? What makes you happy? How you tread people you care about? What are you grateful for? Which superpower would you choose? What do you think happens to you after death?” She dug into my personality and I had no difficulties to open up and answer honestly. This conversation was trustful as we would know each other for a long time already. I adored her intelligence and calm being throughout our deep dialogue.
Even though I enjoyed talking to her, after a while there was no space for words anymore since I was feeding bittersweet chocolate from my lips to her. We got lost in our kissing. Our kisses were very gentle and careful. Full of feeling. A slow but precise dance. Back and forth, together in the same rhythm. Interrupted by deep loving glances. We started to play and tease each other with little bites. We smiled. I grabbed her ribcage which has the perfect size for my hand and pulled her towards me. I felt how she grasped for air and then fell trustfully into me.
When we entered the room we got free of our clothes to allow more of our skin to touch. The air was already electrified. I felt the warm touch of her body on mine and kept pulling her towards me. With the touch of our bellies we created a strong connection and energy flow. Almost by itself we aligned our breathing and started to dance together to the same song. The song played by our bodies. An emotional song of pleasure, of joy, of attraction, of trust. A sweet, a bittersweet song of love.
The intensity of this dance was unbelievable. All my senses were fully engaged. I took deep breathes of her smell. I felt her soft skin. I marveled her beauty and had deep looks into her eyes. I kissed and tasted her entire body. Her sounds, her breath, her moaning in my ear drove me crazy. This made me fully present. No energy was wasted for thoughts. Only this very moment, the here and now with her was existing. Our merging energies filled the entire space.
Whenever I was unsure about my dancing steps she guided me back into rhythm. Whenever she liked a style she let me know and we performed it. Whenever we did not like a song we skipped it. Whenever we needed a break, we relaxed, talked, laughed, fed chocolate to each other, drank water and came back to our dance.
I left with the sunrise and kissed my beauty goodbye. This fresh morning was more colorful than usual. I smiled at the world and it smiled back. I still had the chocolate taste in my mouth. This sweet, this bitter, this wonderful taste. The sweetness of being together, the bitterness of a farewell, which together create the most delicious taste.
I left Auroville with a good feeling. What a great place. I will be back for sure!
Bo, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India 01.03.2018
This is another beautiful passage in BOs journal. His quite intimate writing gives us some good insight of his emotional life. Obviously the time in Auroville was very pleasant for him, and also more significant than we assume in the first place by reading this part. Here he stumbled upon Thai Massage and energy work for the first time, which he later studied in depth and became an important part of the integral healing approach which we are still teaching in the integral BO center.
Here you find plenty of information what Auroville looked like in 2018:
For sure this very progressive city did a huge impact on society at this time and contributed a lot to human unity.
The integral BO federation, May 2118






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