A glance of Love

“Welcome back my friend. Long time no see!”
Prakash opened his arms.
“Already feels great to be back brother. I am happy to be here. And this time I brought my brothers AUM and REI with me.”
I gave him a hug.
The Karuna Farm in Kodaikanal. Yes, I have been here before and everything is still the same. Exactly as beautiful as in my memory. The small huts in the middle of nature. The banana trees. The monkeys. The small waterfall with the natural pool. The refreshing climate. The fresh clean air. The sweet smell of these little pink and yellow blooming flowers that I do not know. The slow relaxed atmosphere. Simply wonderful. But still, this time it feels very different. Everything feels somehow lighter, more clear, more easy, more free.
After the first night I woke up well recovered and went to the main hut for breakfast. AUM and REI sat with three gorgeous ladies, who were wrapped into their blankets because of the early morning breeze. They were eating on a cute wooden table and where eating.
From the very first moment I could feel it. I looked into a blue ocean that took my breath for a second. The light shined out from there as bright as the sun. These blue eyes, I have seen them before. And her happy smile, I am sure I will never forget.
“Good morning you beautiful shining people. A pleasure to meet you. I am Bo. Can I take a seat?”
Yes please. You are welcome. I am LOE.
She told me a lot about her. She had a truly interesting personality. Her story reminded me on my own and on so many others like us. A story of growing in the society, in the system. And then having a feeling that pulled us away from there to lead us on a journey to find something new. A feeling that something is wrong with the system. A feeling that we can be more happy, more fulfilled, more healthy, more loving if we change the direction of our life path. But also a feeling of fear to go wrong, a feeling being strange and even slightly insane. A fear to get lost.
LOE was travelling with her friend Hannah. And the last one in our round was Chitra, the daughter of the owner of Karuna Farm and the manager of this amazing place. We had a lovely chat. We laughed a lot. The company we had from this moment on for the following days was wonderful.
The next day we started with an intense yoga class. LOE was our teacher. All of us learned a lot from her. But what was even more impressive than her teaching was the hug I gave her after the lesson. It is seldom that someone has such an open heart. No pride, no shame, no boundaries. A permanent energy flow from the shoulders to the knees. Amazing!
Afterwards we went for a hike into the breathtaking mountains which surround the farm. Chitra was our guide.
“You are a little mountain princess, huh? Jumping around here in the woods like a little monkey.”
REI teased her.
“Pff if you city people not even know how to walk it is not my problem. Come on!”
It was hard for us to keep track with her even though she was barefoot. She told us about the herbs that grow here and how we can use them for healing purposes. Her knowledge of the nature was huge.
We reached the top of the mountain which was covered in clouds. The crowns of the completely straight trees were not possible to see anymore. A mystic scenery. We had a playful time. Jumping from rock to rock playing the floor is lava as children. Then all us became quieter and quieter. After a while I found myself meditating, starring into the mist.
God is like mist. It is surrounding you. You are in it. No matter how far or how fast you go you will never reach its end. It is the limit. It is the horizon. It is the end of the perception.
“Smart monkey you are.”
Chitra made fire in the meantime and REI still could not stop making fun of her.
“Yah, in the end that is what we are. Smart monkeys. Lets go back down monkey gang. It is getting dark.”
Back at the farm I found LOE in a strange state of mind. She was quiet and starring into the empty room. She seemed to be lost and confused. But I knew where she was. I understood her even though we did not speak about. I went over, stayed next to her and played a soft melody on my ukulele without saying a word.
“I am constantly searching for home.”
She started crying. I took her into my arms and told her faithfully:
“You are home. Wherever you are. Home is a state of mind.”
“…and for company.”
“We are always with you. You are creating us.”
“Thank you BO.”
She was smiling again already.
Later that night we had dinner with all the other lovely people of Karuna Farm when my glance met LOEs and rested there. We looked into each others eyes for a long time and everything else seemed to stop in that moment. Everything around us disappeared. And there it was. Love. Open, selfless, free, nonsexual, simple. Love.
Was it coincidence what just happened or did I create this situation? However, both ways are miraculous. I showed her what I have been reading a few hours before in Home with God by Neale Donald Walsch:
“God: I said that if you look into the eyes of another, or into your own eyes, and expect to see God there, you will. If you do not, you will not. Either way, however, you will become fully present. And becoming fully present to the Here and Now is a very effective way to slough off the distractions and excursions of the meandering mind and bring yourself into a much higher experience of the life you are living.
You cannot look into eyes of any living creature without becoming fully present.  When you become fully present this way with another living being, you may very well start to love them.
It is especially difficult to look another human in the eyes for any period of time at all without falling in love. That is why people look away from each other so quickly. They do not dare look each other right in the eye for very long. The love that will follow will overwhelm them. Yet it is because they do not know what to do with that love that they are overwhelmed.
The moment you surrender to love and allow it to lead you to exactly where your soul wants to go, you will have no difficulty. All struggle then will cease, and you will know Oneness.”
She did not comment it. She just gave me an agreeing glance.
It was a wonderful hug and a sad goodbye when she left the next day.
“I love you LEO”
“I love you too BO.”
BO – Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India 29.01.2018
BO made a huge discovery that night. It was already uplifting to him in that very moment, but he could not see how far this will take him and his beloved ones one day. The practice of deep eye contact was a major key for communication and the acceleration of togetherness and Love. In later reports we will find that BO practiced eye contact with AUM, then with more and more people, developed a practice and thought this in his solon as an addition to meditation and yoga with his students in order to become present.
It might sound absurd that such a thing as deep eye contact was avoided a hundred years back. Why should people have not done it? Could it be that there was a blockade which made people avoid deep eye contact? According to our research we actually do not find it unprobeable that exactly this was the case. We believe that at this time people did not trust each other in the first place. A strange was considered as a person whom is not to trust and only could earn trust with time. Also Love for ones neighbor was embraced very less. Some reports of this time tell that people were somehow afraid of loving each other. Love itself was very much connected to a sexual man woman relationship and therefore sometimes not wished to occur.
It is quite unbelievable this simple practice can have such an impact to an individual and eventually for society as a whole. But as most of us know nowadays and as everybody can find out in three minutes by himself it does have the potential to have a strong impact. As written in the book Home with God that BO mentioned, it is indeed one of the most powerful exercises to get the mind in to the presence and let go of future worries and past sorrows, to reach higher states of mind and to connect to people.
The integral BO federation February 2118
Karuna Farm, Kodaikanal






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