“I do not believe in heaven.” REI said.” Heaven is just another concept. The concept of a perfect world. Exactly as you wish it to be. This again is individual. Thus it cannot be a certain way and therefore not truth. Nevertheless I do believe in Heaven. But rather as a state of mind that one can achieve. In the moment you see perfection in everything and everyone and accept fully, you are in Heaven. So it is you who create your experience of heaven or hell. Or something in between which you call the world.”
I thought about it for a while before I answered: “If this is true then everything, including wonderland and my entire experience here, including you is created by me. All the wisdom I got delivered to me through the masters must come out of myself somehow. How can I be able to create all this?”
As always he had a slight faithful smile on his lips while answering: “BO, I am happy you understand that you are creating. How you do it you will know soon as well.
“Thank you REI”
All this sounds somehow strange and quite unbelievable to me, I feel that it is the truth. This understanding stets me free. I am free to create whatever I want. I can create an even more profound, more hole, more uplifting experience. A experience filled with more love.
Even though Wonderland meant a lot to me, with this understanding it was not very hard to choose to move on. To continue creating. The experience should continue with a journey towards south. AUM REI and I went to Palolem, Kochi and Munar together with Debo and Bryan.
The endless green of the tea fields in the mountains of Munar and days without plans have been relaxing and helped to settle in the stage of consciousness that I reached lately. Maybe it was the preparation for what is about to come.
Bo – Munar, Kerela, India 15.01.18
As you can easily see, BO got more and more aware of the power of his own consciousness. Slowly but stately he discovered how everybody is creating his own experience of life. This knowledge was no completely new at this time.
Sure, nowadays it is common sense and provided by the general base education to every individual. But back in the days there were only a few people who became aware of their creative power and were able to create an experience that they wish to experience.
The Average person in the early 21th century was reactive to his surrounding and saw himself as a victim of the circumstances and social environment.
However, in this time period a shift in the mind of many individuals happened just as in BO. Many people became aware of how the own consciousness effects the objective world and thus provides thoughts and feelings about it. A great number of so called life coaches made a business out of the teaching of this knowledge in order to achieve personal success and happiness.
After the great digital revolution a vast number of the population became unemployed and this branch of teaching had an extreme growth. With that the awareness of the society made a huge step forward.
When BO himself wrote: “Maybe it was the preparation for what is about to come.” in his diary he was absolutely right. He was probably able to sense that something extraordinary is about to happen. Or was he preparing himself through creating a relaxing experience in order to create something extraordinary afterwards? We are not sure if he had reached such a point of awareness and mastery already at this point.
However, stay tuned, the following pages in this diary were really exciting to read and interpret for us. So watch out what were these extraordinary experience and happenings in February 2018.
The integral BO federation – January 2118
Munar 2018






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