The Garden of the Gods

The surrounding was unbelievable beautiful. The deep green leaves and the light brown skin of the trees. Amazing trees. Huge and old. Wise. Blue, red, yellow and purple blooms sprinkled the picture. A picture incredibly beautiful. Only God himself could have painted this.
My feet were covered in the almost black mud which was perfectly refreshing and cool. Every seed you would throw here would instantly grow. The sky was sweet blue with some lovely shaped white clouds moving around gently. The birds sang beautiful melodies and the wind whispered:
The garden of the Gods…
Here is everything you need Here is everything you wish. Here you only have to choose. You have the power here.
I looked at the time keeper. His eyes were hidden by his sunglasses. The big silver plates only mirrored myself. I felt a strange pulling from him. Deeper into this dream. Deeper into the rabbit hole. It was a mixture of excitement and fear. From the moment I felt my left hand turning cold I did not want to follow him. I felt so good where we were in this moment. It was already so intense.
My vision was extremely hard to focus. I could not put the trees into their place. When I tried hard, it was possible to center myself and to agree with an appearance of the object I was looking at. But I only could hold it for a split second. Then it started moving and shivering again.
It seemed as there were different layers of this dream and depending on my focus I choose which one to see. Just as if you have an object right in front of you and the background behind it. You can focus on one or the other and what you actually see can be very different. And there were an uncountable number of these layers. This dream, the dream of the Garden of the Gods seemed to offer me a potential of experience. From frightening as hell to blissful as heaven.
He pulled the group and me further into the forest of the mountains. I could not resist to follow. I did not want to be left behind. And even though I had some fear inside me, I wanted to go on. I wanted to get more of this experience. It was only a bit to fast and much for me.
With going deeper and deeper into the forest I could not breathe through my left nostril anymore. I felt the blocking mentally and physically. But I could not solve it. I did not know what it was and also I thought it might be helpful. That it is good forces holding me back in order to save me. But he, the time keeper would not stop. He just went deeper and deeper, further and further. He guided our expedition through the garden. He obviously spent a lot of time here. This made him look exhausted and old.
Being here costs a lot of energy. The time runs faster, or I run faster, or it runs slower and I experience it faster. I do not know. I only know that the concept of time is different in the Garden of the Gods. I felt that every minute costs me a thousand years. Or does it bring me a thousand years forward in my growing?
I do not know why, I was afraid of him. I could not trust him. I was not sure about his intention. In this magical garden I was so unexperienced and vulnerable. Everything is possible there. That means bad things as well.
But I decided to come here. There was no turning back.
I was lucky that the giant of our group had a dwarf with her. The dwarf was a peacekeeper and blessed every step of his giant. To be with them offered some security to me. As soon as I felt save again, the garden showed its best side.
The sun filled the forest with a warm orange and touched me softly. Overwhelmed of the beauty I lay down and mother earth welcomed my body gently. I focused on all the layers of my vision until I eventually let go of all focus. Right in that moment I did not perceive anything anymore. The border of my eyes perceiving and the object drifted away. My whole body expanded on the surrounding nature. The nature expanded on me. The boundary of my skin disappeared. It was impossible to separate what is me, inside me, inside of my body and what is not me, outside of me, outside of my body. Subject and Object became one. The emotions that shivered through my body were one with the trees and the light beams. My thoughts were one with the air and the clouds and connected to all sentient beings. Everything melted. Everything merged. All one. The Garden of the Gods became paradise.
I did hear about such experience before and understood them intellectually. On the smallest level everything is made of one and the same thing. Some kind of essence. Some kind of ether. Some kind of strings. Some kind of vibration. Some kind of consciousness. Everything is the one and the same. And borders do not exist on this level.
But in this dream I experienced it in the most vivid way. Perfectly clear. I saw it by myself. Felt it with my own emotions. Understood it within my own mind. It was not an illusion. This dream was and is part of reality. Reality is just so much more than I have ever expected. And so much less at the same time. It is entirely different than all the concepts I had about it before. It contains a potential of experience. It literally contains all possibilities in its potential. And a certain spectrum is experienceable in every moment of time for every individual.
Suddenly the fear came back into the Paradise of understanding and merging. It broke down. A snake was sneaking over my back. Perfectly hidden behind me. Wherever I looked it hided evtl. hode?. It hided in my shadow. It hided in between the layers of the dream. Impossible to find and to face. It made me afraid. It penetrated into my mind. It tried to overtake me. It whispered ideas of sin, guilt, envy, jealousy, greet, hate and fear into my ear. It sung songs about mistrust for my brothers. Songs of superiority and power.
It ran thorough my whole body. My chest cramped and breathing became nearly impossible. I could barely stand on my feet. I was crippled. My skin turned old and dark. I was as ugly as everything around me. The nature with which I have been merged in love a moment ago puked me out and terrified me. It was all against me. It against me. Full separation.
Luckily the giant and the dwarf were close to me and brought me back towards a balanced point again with their pure, calm and kind energy.
For the ongoing walk I was drifting up and down through the potential of experience. Not until the extreme ends though. But nevertheless with my ups and downs the whole dream had its ups and downs. I could see my own hands altering from beautiful and young to ugly and old and backwards with the seconds passing by. In my mind I saw the joy and the suffer of a lifetime. I saw the sin and the sacred of sex and creating live. I saw molecules or bacteria attracting each other and merge to a higher form and corroding each other like acid into waste. I could see whole worlds and universes being born in bliss and dying in war.
After a while we came to a gate. A small hole that we had to crawl through. I saw it and I knew that something extraordinary is waiting behind it. I knew this was the peak of the garden of the gods. After this gate it would be total. A total experience. I knew it would not turn into a total experience of hell. I knew it would show all its beauty to me. I knew that I was invited to see it completely. I knew. Nevertheless I wanted to turn back. I did not want to see paradise. I will not be allowed to stay. I knew I will have to leave again.
But I decided to come here. There was no turning back.
I could not control the dream itself. I have the power to see and experience what I want. I have the power to choose out of the potential. Out of the spectrum from haven to hell, love to fear, from peace to war, from beautiful to ugly, from joy to pain, from happiness to sadness. But I am not in control of the dream itself. I do not have the power to wake up. (Maybe I wake up when I die in a dream?)
My knowing became true. I called the gate and I reached. I reached paradise. I reached a purely normal place. Pure. Absolut pure. Everything was clear. Nothing surprising. Pure knowing. Pure being. Nothing was left to say or to ask. Nothing left to do.
AUM was there with me. I looked into his eyes. I saw centuries passing by behind him, but something inside of him did not change. Something was not affected by time. Something that stands out of the circle of birth and death. I saw the immortality in him. His true self. His soul. God inside of him.
We were in Paradise for eternity. After this short period of time we made our way back to reality. We came to a river that everybody besides AUM and ME had crossed.
The time keeper was at the other side. He was laying on a tree at the other side of the river.
“This. Here. This is the place to be. Come Here!” He said.
There it was again! The snake! It told me that the people over there are in a better situation then me. That they are better. That they are against me if I am not on their side. That I have to cross to be with them. That Not everybody can have a place in the sun. That one will have to be the last one and will be left behind. It told me I have to cross the river now or I will be the one left behind. And then I would be lost in the Garden of the Gods forever. It told me that I deserve it to be there. It told me that AUM does not. It told me it would be the only thing I can do. Nobody would blame me if I cross before him.
I could not resist to listen to it. Its whispering was louder than everything else. I started to shiver. The fear was strong. But AUM… No. I never would leave him. I Rather would be lost with him than found without him. I knew he would not cross either. I knew he would not leave me behind. I knew the snake was lying. No one has to be left behind if nobody follows it. The snake itself was a lie. It was not true. It was not real.
There was REI on the other side. He turned back. He came to us. He sat in front of me. He looked into my eyes and without speaking a word he understood. The snake could not enter into this connection. Then I could see into him. The world around us kept changing. The time passed by incredibly fast. It must have been years I stared into his eyes. He opened all his layers. I saw a strong man clear in his vision. Successful and dedicated. Handsome and sharp. A woman. A mother. Loving and caring. Joyful and funny. Beautiful. I saw his being. I saw who he really was. I saw behind his personality. Behind his ego. I saw what is there inside. Something that beyond time and form. Something that is immortal. Something that is True.
All the others came back to our side of the river. The snake had lost a lot of its power. It tried one more time to convince me that the timekeeper is evil. That I cannot trust him. That he will mislead me. But I knew of its lies by now. I took of his sunglasses, looked into his eyes, gave him a smile and apologized for my mistrust. He led us back safely. I could enjoy the Garden of the Gods again. On our way back we also crossed the peak a second time. The point which was Paradise before. It was barley different from the rest of the Garden.
I found myself starring into the full moon of this night. It was very strong. I somehow lost myself while watching it. I had a feeling of being one with my surrounding. A bit like in this weird dream I just had before. A very weird dream it was.
What does all that mean? The Garden of the Gods? The potential and spectrum of experience? The paradise? The immortal core of AUM and REI? And what the hell was that snake? Its hard to remember the details of a dream. But this snake… Its influence on me. The ideas it whispered in my ear. What was it about? What does it mean? What does it represent? There is something in my memory… I think its name was EGO…
The next day I went to Alex. A master who is living in the Karuna Farm. His whole energy is incredibly calm. The only thing that excels his wisdom is his humbleness. He lives in an earthship. A house that he built from recycled materials, which sustains itself with solar energy and collected rain water.
I told him about my dream and asked him what I shall think of it, what it means.
“Do not think too much about it. When you have such a dream, just take it in and do not resist it. Observe your experience without judgment. Then your sub consciousness mind will work it out. And do not worry. You are perfectly normal.”
Was his advice and exactly what I needed to hear.
Taking everything extraordinary from it made me feel so much better. Lighter somehow. I am sure one day I will know more about the Garden of the Gods. Or at least my sub consciousness will have integrated this experience and I can benefit from it.
Bo, Karuna Farm, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India, 30.02.2018
This dream of BO is a very interesting and surely a deep experience. But at this point we follow the advice of Master Alex and do not think too much about it nor we will interpret it now. We will let it stand by itself and talk about it later. For now, just take it in. Read it openly, observe the experience without judgment and you will at least sub consciously understand and benefit from it.






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